Bilder & Farben

In my vocabulary of life, the word obstacles means solution.
The word fear I change for challenges.
The word impossible means creation.
Tragedy is only a form of teaching, while destruction means renewal.
The limits are within the actions of each human being, which may be short or eternal.
We meet ourselves on a trip, and this trip will never end.
There is so much for us to discover out there….  The birth of a star, the creation of planets in a harmonious dance … A constellation full of challenges, of  learning and opportunities. We just need to open our true eyes: the eyes of the soul.

It’s a journey to love and be loved …  It’s a trip to infinity. Aparecida Teodoro

Das Leben ist Bunt!

Fotos: Aparecida Teodoro

Sie/ Ihr dürfen alle Bilder kostenlos kopieren, und für eigene Zweck benutzen. Ich würde mich freuen!

Istanbul 2016 * Athen 2017, Schleswig Holstein, Bad Wimpfen u.a, Deutschland





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