Theaterstück: Drama a poet´s Soul

Im Frühling 2016 habe ich ein Theaterstück auf Englisch verfasst. Das Theaterstück ist mein Geschenk an Kiel.  Wünschenswert wäre es, wenn das Stück den Weg auf die Bühne findet und somit ein breites Publikum erreicht. To be or not to be…. Das ist die Frage

Das Original finden Sie hier:

Viel Spaß!




Gravesque Principum Amicitias et Arma

Despite being a theater lover, Shakespeare decided to follow the path of the Histories, as he early realized that censorship is part of the daily life of his land.

He works in Palmyra Arts Museum, being responsible for part of the culture and social relations. Married to Fatma, the daughter of a wealthy merchant, they had 3 children: Suzana  and the twins Hamlet and Mirjam.

The man, ignorant of his destinations, is like a traveler who mechanically goes through a journey without knowing the starting point or the arrival, without knowing why traveling and, therefore, is always willing to stop at the slightest obstacle, wasting time and neglecting the goal to achieve.

However the survival instinct, deeply anchored in our being, cries when we are threatened.

After a terrorist act at the Museum where he worked, killing several colleagues and destroying  ancient arts of unimaginable values, he decides to leave his country, in direction to Europe.
Because of the sick father, his wife refuses to follow him.
Due to a secret romance, the teenage daughter decides to stay with the mother.

With a heavy heart, Shakespeare left with the twins, promising his wife to come back and take them, as soon as possible.

During the journey Hamlet, the schizophrenic young throw himself into the Mediterranen sea, losing his life. Feeling guilty, Shakespeare became depressed.

Shortly before the melancholic father killed himself, the ghost of Hamlet appear to him, avoiding it.

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. There is no darkness but ignorance. Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind. And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.“ William Shakespeare,


Characters List


William Shakespeare

Modern Shakespeare is 35 years old and was reborn in Syria.

Father of three children, graduated in historian, was born in Homs and works at Palmyra Museum, being responsible for part of the culture and social relations. He is a sensitive man, lover of the arts and classical music. Enamored and romantic, under the starry nights he composes verses of love.

He believes there is something out there, but has no religion. Has a speculative, even curious glance but a calm temperament, is against the oppressive regime governing the land of his ancients. The protection of the family has great priority.


13 years old son. Since baby has nightmares, in which wakes up in the middle of the night, screaming and crying. In times of serenity, he claimed to be a prince of a northern court. At 8 he began having hallucinations, which saw monsters and heard voices, accusing him of murder.

After consulted several experts, was diagnosed schizophrenia.
With right medications and psychological treatments, the disease could  be controlled.


The twin sister of Hamlet has long, straight hair, angelic face, is sensitive, curious and intelligent. As her father, she loves looking at the stars and knows  many constellations by name.


Shakespeare’s wife. She was married for obligation of her parents.
She belongs to a traditional family, is Muslim, but accepted her husband’s decision to not follow her religion. She is very dedicated to her family and looks after the father, who had a stroke a few years ago, in which suffers from a paralysis of the left side of his body..


16 years old daughter of the couple, she is a young and innocent adolescent. Has a secret romance with a young rebel having contact with terrorists.


A German young man. His father left when he was a baby.  Since then is mistreated by mother, who is alcoholic, and harm the child. After the last aggression, in which he was hospitalized several weeks in the hospital, he was gave to a  family which kept Nazi ideas. Never again he had contact with the real parents and had an aversion for his mother. In adolescence he committed several crimes.

Maria Teresa

A Brazilian medical and second wife of Shakespeare


German boyfriend of Mirjam. Lovely and smart young men



Ladies and Gentlemen

Shakespeare once wrote:

“Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle’s compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.”

Time does not exist…
He came and revolutionized the English language.
I came to confuse it.
Who would be he, the great Shakespeare, which once bloomed, fascinating Elizabethan court, if today he was born in the Middle of the desert? An actor? A revolutionary? A terrorist?

No! A family father’s, trying to protect his children, failing the task.

According to reincarnation theories, the soul is born and reborn as many times as necessary. Now rich and later as beggar Now healthy, sometimes lame … In this journey of the soul, she meets also the affections and dislikes of yore

Follow me on this journey, the sound of his great works.

Shakespeare lives! Even if only in our hearts


Part I – Syria


Not far from Damascus, in a quiet place, lost in the desert, between two mountain ranges overlook the ancient city, with majestic monuments of sober and distinct lines, with its towers pointed upward, in eternal supplication to Allah, the God of the Arabs.

William of modern time, is a sensitive, intelligent man and, although not being part of any group or political party, agree that Syria should be a free country. He speaks six languages, including Turkish, Aramaic, Greek and Latin. Because of the position he holds, has good international connections. works in the museum of arts Palmyra, northern Syria and resides with his wife and three children in a small village.

Also, he do not have any religion, but he accompanies his wife, Fatma, every Friday at the Mosque. She, in turn, merchant’s daughter with stable financial situation, follows with all strictness the laws that the prophet left, as well as 99% of the population of that country, following the tradition of their ancestors.

However, the characters find themselves in times of trouble. Since the outbreak of civil war in 2012, the country has been destabilized.

Also the so-called holy war, initiated by the Jihad-Islamicthat emerged in the 70s in the Gaza Strip, created by Egyptian students forming various fundamentalist Islamic, spreading terror and misery.

Their daughter, Suzana, maintains a secret romance with Ibrahin, a radical young who joined the terrorist group Isis, one of the most violent of the world today.

The only son, Hamlet, born two minutes before his twin sister, is a bustling, hyperactive child.
Often has nightmares. When baby, he woke up screaming and crying, and after completing eight years began to have acute hallucinations. He was chased by monsters and said to see a man with a crown to pursue him, wanting kill him. After several tests, Schizophrenia was diagnosed, in which, thanks to advanced medicine, can be controlled by medication.

However, the disease left sequels and the sick child lives in two parallel worlds: The material world and palpable, and the fantasy world, distant and invisible. He often said he was from another distant country, until his voice changed and spoke misunderstood words, in what the parents thought were stuff of children, not paying attention.

Joy and comfort found William in his loving daughter Mirjam, especially when they spent hours sitting on the porch, admiring the stars and talking animatedly about the meaning of life.

On a hot day, we will find William the inner side of museum. The marble staircase leading to a rich ornate hall of tapestries, where two men talked, analyzing some works of art brought from excavations, near the dead sea. Suddenly there was an explosion, machine gun sounds and screams of despair coming from the other side of the museum. He ran for help, amid the dust, see destroyed objects and bodies scattered around the floor. One of the terrorist strikes his head with the tip of his gun, and he fainted.

Arriving at the gates of the city of Aleppo, he was taken to a room and  remained along with other hostages.

After five days without eating, appeared to him a familiar face. It was the lover of his daughter Suzana, who recognized him and promised to help him. After the negotiations, where the father in law paid a large sumhe was saved and after nine days dropped off a few kilometers next to his home.
He comes home dirty, thin and dark circles. Finds the worried look of his wife and children. They embrace each other and began to cry.

After married, he accumulated solid fortune, struggling years and years to improve financial resources with a view to the future, and managed to win in this chapter of earthly experience; however, he was too sensitive to remain calm in difficult circumstances. Deeply wedded to the domestic environment, he did not know how to move away from family environment. The days of hostage, however, forced him to serious and sad meditations, and although her companion was lavish in pleasantries, Shakespeare remained intimately disturbed. If he had no money to pay the bail, for sure he would be right now among the dead bodies.

Faced with the facts, he decides it’s time to look for a country where children can grow up in safety. He decides to immigrate to Europe.

Because of her father’s illness, his wife decides to stay. Their teenage daughter, afraid to be separated from her lover, also reluctant to leave, saying she will stay, helping the mother to take care of grandfather.
The domestic picture, in this painful emergency, could not escape the groans, tears, declarations of eternal love and eternal longing.
Thus, William left, taking the twins, but it hurt his heart, the thought of leaving his wife and his daughter, relegated to the maelstrom of material struggles and eminent dangers.
And so, in this state of extreme anguish and suffering, he abandoned his beloved home in company of the children.


Part II – Tragedy at Mediterran sea


The sky was red, indicating the approximation of the night,  when the three travelers reached the port of Tartus.
Once full of  merchants hawking their products loud, dancers, snake charmers, fabric tents, the city  was now a busy warships and soldiers, coming from everywhere.
Fish boats transformed into human transport, where they charged shameful amounts of Syrian Pounds, without survival guarantee.
Arriving there, they spotted the ship, named Sophia, paid the ticket and settled in the middle of the crowd that followed the same destination: Europe
Due to his father’s kidnapping, the separation of the family and the recent events, Hamlet´s health has extremely worsened, where reality and fantasy were mixed as the paint of a watercolor.
In the middle of the night, while William and Mirjam slept exhausted, Hamlet had a vision: Standing at the edge of a lake, surrounded with green and flowered fields, Ophelia, a young woman appears to him, inviting him to follow her.
Hamlet, with a smile on the lips, reaches the deck of the ship and throw himself into the sea mediterranean. Without able to swim, dies in agony.
At the same time, the mother wakes upin alarm, with dark premonitions.
In the morning, when William opened his eyes, he saw Miriam that lies next, but there was no sign of Hamlet. With a tightness in heart, runs desperate, looking for the young. After searching throughout the ship, cries bitterly, blaming the inability to protect the sick child.
Looking at the sea, he mutters softly: Good night, sweet prince; and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

Reaching the port of Thessaloniki, father and daughter, with the faces of sadness and hopelessness, followed to the northern direction. Arriving in Idomenis, they face a barrier of wire and soldiers with heavy weapons, not allowing the passage of the hungry and desperate refugees.
Many  volunteers Greeks came to their rescue, offering tents and blankets. Bath was now luxury.
He felt sorry for the little girl and could not control the tears when he thought of Hamlet. During many nights he dreamed of him in a dark place, screaming for mercy and for help. Describing once to  Mirjiam about his dreams, she in turn kept silence, just listening, because she did not want to worry the father that she dearly loved.
In truth, often she felt the presence of the brother.
Every night before bed, she prayed began to pray for Allah:
“Lord of the Worlds, Exalted Creator of all things.
I come to Your sovereign presence in this moment, to ask help to those who are suffering from diseases of the body or mind, especially for my dear brother.
We know that diseases compel us to reflective moments, and a closer relationship to you, through the paths of pain and silence. But I appeal to your mercy and beg: Stretch out thy light hand on those who are ill, suffering limitations, pain and uncertainty. 
Does faith and confidence spring up, strong in their hearts. Relieves their pain and give them calm and peace. 
Healing their souls, so that the bodies can also be restored. Give them relief, comfort and light a light of hope in their hearts, so that, sustained by faith and hope, to develop universal love, because that is the way to happiness and well-being … is the path which brings us to you.
Let your peace be with us all. 
So be it. “
After weeks of waiting, it has finally released the passage of a few. Among the asylum, there were Shakespeare and Mirjam. Upon arriving in Austria, he saw indications to follow for Germany. So, he may realize that, in that country, for sure,  they were not welcome.
When they reached Bavaria, the train that took them they were received with applause and smiles. He, for the first time can feel the warmth and thanked God for being saved.

…to be continued…

Nisi Dominus

Antonio Vivaldi  1678 – 1741


Unless the Lord builds a house,
in vain do those who labour build it.
Unless the Lord guards a city,
futilely does he who watches guard it.

It is pointless for you to get up early:

For he has granted to those he loves rest:
behold an inheritance from the Lord – sons:
a reward, the fruit of the womb.

Like arrows in the hand of powerful man:
such are sons born in your youth.

Blessed is the man who has filled his desire with these;
he will not be confounded when he speaks
with his enemies at the gate.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son,
and to the Holy Spirit.

As it was in the beginning, both now and for ever: and for an age of ages.



Part III – Germany

islamic girl


Years have passed. We will find father and daughter in northern Germany.
Mirjam is in the prime of her 17 years, while William on the verge of 40. Because of the wars that have intensified after the alliance of the Axis countries, they lost the whole family which has remained in Syria.

After learning language and adapt, thanks to his experience and impeccable resume, it was not hard to get a position at the University of Kiel, a city in the Baltic Sea, famous worldwide for its racing tournaments.

The young girl, now astronomy student, kept the customs and religions of their ancestors, as a way to honor her family.

Beautiful eyes of a deep brown, white skin and brown hair, her face was lit up when she smiled, a candid smile, full, those from whom are at peace with life. Of medium height, and a sculpted silhouette, which would impress the best artists. But what really drew attention was a touch of nobility in her expression and gentle and polite manners, however, firm and resolute.

She got a young German boyfriend, well educated and intelligent, who studied in the same class.

On a nearby beach, Frank and Mirjam contemplated the sea reflecting the
lights of the magnificent silver moonlight. The night was divinely beautiful, capable
to inspire even the most rude hearts.

By far one could hear the voices of some young men, feeling outraged by the invasion of foreigners, who received all the government and sucking the labor market. Among these young people is Klaus, a 19 year-old, who suffered violence abuse as child, growing up in an unstable environment.

He had radical ideas, was violent and was arrested a few times for vandalism. After a few beers, they began to attack with words Mirjam which covered the head and part of the face with her  Light blue  hijab.

Trembling, she closed her eyes trying to control herself.
Frank, trying to protect his girlfriend, began to argue with the young men and soon they began to attack the helpless couple with violence.

Klaus, trying to discover her face, began to tighten the neck of the girl, throwing her to the ground with blows, while others beat the defenseless young.

Suddenly other young people, hearing the screaming, came in defense of the couple while the criminals fled.

Late at night, while William slept, rings the bell. The police reported the incident. Hurrying to the hospital, he was told that his daughter had suffered head trauma and internal bleeding. She died a few days later. The boyfriend was in a coma several months, condemned to a wheelchair for a lifetime.

Understand the ineluctable law that rules destinations, however, the dedicated father could not continue to live in this world where only the pains were his inseparable companies.
If we are unable to defend against thieves, why fight death? Is not it perhaps the ultimate thief to steal our lives?” – With this thought he returns home, empty and sad.
He prepared the rope and put it on the side. He sat in his chair, lowered his head, when a bright light shone on the room, brightening hopes of the melancholy father.
The son approached, full of longing, explaining that it was him, that death is only a journey. The father startled up and cried:
It’s my son, I see him! Oh! God, have mercy on me!
And with the haggard look, continued with impressive accent of a madman:
Hey, you arriving Hold me, you really did not dieI’m afraid! Where you come from, my son? Thou art not, perhaps, with Allah? Ah! I die, I die! …
Hamlet answer:
Dad, it’s hard to live like the sun when we see only the king star out of us. He has to be inside the chest. This should be so, we have to feed the furnace heart with much wood of love, forgiveness and faith. Forgive the evils that hurt you the heart.
Mirjam is alive. Only the body died, but the soul is eternal. Have patience and perseverance.
I do not doubt that the changes constitute necessary fatalities; however, even in spirit, we will continue to your side. Today and always.
Then, Hamlet was disappearing, as if he penetrated a haze.

After the events, the forces were renewed. However, he decided that Germany would only bring bitter memories and decided to migrate to South America.

Part IV – South America
We find ourselves in the year 2032, almost 20 years after the events that changed the life of Shakespeare.
After migrating to South America, he meets his second wife and lives a quiet life on the land of the yellow-green, on the Brazilian coast of Northeast, called Natal. 
The same can not be said of the inhabitants of Europe. The continent, now idealistic, where most countries is being directed by racist political parties, strengthened its economy and remain stable economically.
Freedom of expression, law and justice, was replaced by the brutality and despotism, where criticism were not longer tolerated.
The democracy of the past, turned political field, where wars between allies and terrorists was hearty field into the shadows, claiming more than 20 million of life in Syria and Irak. Also, after walling Europe, thousands of refugees died of starvation, or in the waters of the mediterranean sea, becoming a jumble of bones around the continent.
The pain of consciousness changes the most reluctant souls. Klaus, after serving his sentence, changed a lot, now repented of his deeds.
An almost recovered morally  man, he has abandoned the life of yore, marrying and transformed into an model husband.
However,because of the failure and obscurity of religious doctrines and abuses they have engendered, launched numerous people to materialism, in believing that everything ends with death, that man has no other destiny than to vanish into nothingness, taking with them only the law of their instincts, appetites and enjoyments.
Due to lack of clean water and scarcity of oil and gas in the world, without any other energy resource has been invested in the construction of effective platforms, where they were able to extract greater number of natural resources, because the 50 million daily barrels, were already not more satisfactory to meet the need of the population.
Therefore, increasing the number of giant craters inside the earth.
But this illusory happiness was fleeting. The Earth surface is divided into several panels. They are in constantly motion. According to scientists, the temperature differences in the mantle are one of the causes that move the lithospheric plates slowly.
With global warming and the melting of icebergs, many islands in the pacific disappeared from the map, while countries such as India and Pakistan warred for drinking water due to water shortages, Europe had to adapt, affecting more than 200 million people.

However, because of the increase of hurricanes and floods, Europe was already no longer attractive.

In the year 2025 has completed the change of the magnetic pole of the Earth and the effects in the coming years would be apocalyptic, because with the melting of glaciers, increased the number of waters in the oceans, thereby increasing the pressure in the craters where many have crumbled, forming tsunamis, more and more frequent and massive, without mentioning Freak Gas Pipe Explosion, turning several forests into real hell, obliterating many species of animals.

Billions of lives were lost and the surviving population had to immigrate to the interior of their countries, generating many social conflicts. Many of them migrated to Australia, South America and Central Africa.

The year 2029 has further affect the suffering of the earthly population.
With the weakening of the magnet field and the passage of the Apophis asteroid, with its 300 meters, bumping into gravitational resonance of the earth. Due to solar flares, it was destroyed satellites and computers worldwide. The only way to transport between continents gave or by land or sea.

Klaus, wishing a better future for him and his family, many times expressed the desire to migrate to Pomerode town located in southern Brazil, following the footsteps of his ancestors, who fled after the second war, keeping alive the memory, where most of the local population still speaks German.

His wife, also hopeful of a better future, not least because she was pregnant of her third child, supports her husband in his plans.

After all arrangements, the small family left the port of Bremen in direction to Porto Belo, State of Santa Catarina.
On Saturday morning, arriving at the northeast coast of Brazil, the ship is hit by a giant hurricane, tumbled and slowly begins to sink.
The Brazilian navy guard is triggered, however it would take long to get help.
With the turmoil and rush, his wife falls, suffering serious injuries and one of their children disappeared into the crowd. The village fishermen were warned and left for assistance. William and his wife, who was medical, was among the volunteers.
Many lost their lives.

Shakespeare, now gray-haired and the face marked by suffering, ran with his wife in direction to Klaus, who desperately was asking for help for his wife.

Maria Teresa, with her equipment she had with, realizing that the woman was losing much of blood, facing the seriousness of the situation, she informed the husband she would have to give birth right there, if he wanted to save the life of the child.

Through a scar that he carried in his face, immediately Shakespeare recognized Klaus and blanched. Turned to his wife, he said, pulling her arm: – “Let them and let’s go to help another one…

Both astonished, not understanding the reaction,  then he shouted in German: “Murderer! How can fate be so cruel? How can the past haunt me? You are the murderer who killed my little daughter. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth. A child for another. Let destination solve the situation!”

Klaus, remembering Mirjam, falls to his knees, pleading.. “I’m sorry. I was young.  Please save the baby, he is innocent. He’s not to blame…

Suddenly Shakespeare sees a young woman with long, straight hair in front of him. It was Mirjam. She points to the belly of the dying woman and says: – “Daddy, life is a great magic. Whence propulsion? It is a hidden factory, in the chest, in every heart. A small spark dwells in every being. She, in God, is mirrored to better able to grow. The stone apparently inanimate, for a full glow heaven: the soul in the walk, get light, peace and love. 

In the wide, endless road there are obstacles and thorns. But the soul is not helpless, even by following evil ways. Growth brings pain. This is bad at first. The victory only results in the fight with vigor. Do not be discouraged! Simply forgive! Divine prize is waiting for you, and it has no price.
The key to success ends in having, by matter, the correct disdain. Matter is only a tool for our elevation. The attachment to it is bad feeling, which hinders the spirit in its evolution.
Pride and selfishness are vices and vanities of the poor and sick of mind.
This child that is in the womb is your child from other times.
Hamlet came to redeem himself and to bring peace between you and your enemy.
Forgive, dear father. Forgive. “

Crying, Shakespeare helps his wife. He takes the baby from mom’s womb. The new born boy takes first breath of air and cry.

Shakespeare poses the to the sky and murmurs softly: – “Wake up, sweet prince. Wake up to reign. Wake up and be a great king.”



Art of sensibility


Pure art is the highest spiritual contemplation by the creatures. It means the deepest manifestation of the ideal, the divine manifestation of this “beyond” that polarizes the hopes of the soul.
The true artist is always the “medium” of the eternal beauty and his work, at all times, it was pluck the vibrating strings more feeling human, the Earth by lifting and opening to the Infinite in all ways the eagerness Hearts to God in its manifestations supreme beauty, wisdom, peace and love.
If his work  comes from his heart in an unison with the brain, then the artist is one of the most devoted missionaries of God, because he will know penetrate the hearts a peace of meditation and silence, reaching the highest sense of the evolution of himself and his brothers in humanity. The true artist is always the “medium” of the eternal beauty and his work, at all times, was playing the most vibrating strings of human feeling, elevating the Earth to Infinity and opening in all ways, the eagerness Hearts to God in their supreme demonstrations of beauty, wisdom, peace and love.


Final words

This humble work I dedicate to all citizens of cosmopolitan Kiel for their tolerance as well as  to the Minister President of Schleswig Holstein, Torsten Albig for his policy in favor of asylum seekers. 

Many thanks to:

Brazilian author Pablo de Salamanca  for allowing a poem of the book “menino poetinha: sabedoria em verso”

Marcelo J.C. Amaro from Spiritism Portal to allow me the utilization of the book Emmanuel, wrote by Francisco Xavier  (April 2, 1910 – June 30, 2002)

Also, many thanks to photographers: Alexas,  Amber-10439, Adina Voicu, Andrelambo, WikiImages-1897, MustangJoe at

Translation from Latim:

Gravesque Principum Amicitias et Arma: Serious friendship and weapons.


About me:

My name is Aparecida Teodoro, born in 1975.DSCF5104 (3)
Of Brazilian origin, since 1997 am living in Europe, through England, Sweden and finally setting me in Germany.

Since I published my first book in German “als der Tod vor der Tür stand”, my fingers did not stopped. At the moment I write several blogs in three languages: Portuguese, English and German, in which the main subjects are philosophy, religion and politics.

During my time in Europe, I have traveled to several countries, specially those in Turkey and Pacific, trying to bring in my baggage of earthly experiences, the diversity of cultures existing in the world.

I have noticed the growth of anti-Semitism around the world against Muslims as well as the North Africans. For this reason, I decided to write this little story, even not have noneexperience with theater. The idea is that the directors and writers may have an example in these texts and create scripts, spreading tolerance, peace and lovethrough the arts.
If you are a director or producer of theater and are interested in this work, please send me a email to:, and I will send you the dialogues of the characters. Of course I will not charge anything because my biggest payment would read on a news program that my seed is being planted in the heart of the people, thus contributing a little bit, for peace.

We are all fruits of one creation, regardless of color, race, social culture or religion.

We are all imperfect, walking different paths. For some, full of thorns … For others, a road with the  perfum of blue lilies. Some arrive faster, while others will delay in the road of life.
But all of us will achieve one day.
For me, the law of reincarnation is the only mechanism that can explain social differences in the world.
Everything that we sow on the path of life, one day we will reap.

Let us spread love and tolerance to reap many fruits of peace and joy!

The world need new Shakespeares: Revolutionaries of Art and Love!!!

Thanks a lot for reading and bye bye




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